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We strive to provide the best real estate services in Washington State.

Why Work With Us?

We will be very honest

We believe in being brutally honest with you, especially when it comes to one of the largest transactions you may make in your lifetime.

Top real estate teams tend to treat their clients like "transactions", potentially pushing them or even letting them buy homes that lead them to live paycheck-to-paycheck—a situation we will prevent from happening.

We will guide you and help you make decisions that benefit you and your family in the long term.

Odigo Real Estate Club CEO, Peter Kim
peter kim giving a seminar to real estate agents

Excellent with contracts and negotiation

The main reason you would hire an expert real estate agent is for their competency in contracts and negotiations.

Without exaggerating the numbers, every transaction with negotiation has the potential to save you anywhere between $5,000 and $250,000.

Our team has thousands of hours of training in real estate contracts and negotiations. We have also given many seminars on how to negotiate in real estate transactions and competitive multiple-offer situations.

Highly experienced team

Any realtor can claim to be the top real estate agent. However, we recommend checking their actual sales record.

Every team member in the Odigo team is a mega agent, which means that any individual agent has had over 10 million dollars in sales volume, ranking them a top producer in the nation.

Our solid five-star ratings on Zillow, with over a hundred reviews, speak to our outstanding customer service.

However, those are just numbers. What truly matters to us is whether you felt that we provided an excellent service.

odigo real estate club team
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The best resource for off-market properties

Setting him apart from many agents, our founder, Peter Kim, specializes in foreclosures, short sales, and loan modifications. He owned and managed a widely acclaimed website, offering assistance to distressed homeowners in the Seattle area.

By working with us, you will have access to off-market properties, including foreclosures, short sales, expired listings, for-sale-by-owners, and other avenues exclusive to Odigo clients.

Taking advantage of these opportunities could help you buy a home at a significantly lower price.

Happy family in new home

our guarantee

We believe in making things right

In real estate, challenges can arise, and sometimes agents face undeserving blame for less than ideal circumstances that led to bad outcomes.

However, we deeply care about our clients and if we ever do anything to damage your trust, we will give up our commission and then some to make the situation right if that's what it takes.

And if you ever don't want to work with us, we will absolutely not hold it against you. Please work with people you trust.

Built on integrity and customer satisfaction

meet the team

your real estate dream team
Peter Kim
Peter Kim
Founder | Agent
John Kim
John Kim
Christina Jagels
Christina Jagels
Transaction Manager
Amanda Condyles
Amanda Condyles
Client Care Coordinator

Peter And John's Role

Peter and John are veteran agents who will personally guide you through your real estate journey from start to finish.

To guarantee you receive quick responses and constant availability, they've chosen to form a partnership, instead of providing the services of a single agent.

While they could have opted for a large agency approach, they discovered that leaders of big teams do not engage with their clients as much.

So, they've put in place an ideal solution in their partnership that allows them to maintain complete availability for you, while ensuring a healthy work-life balance for themselves.

Christina's Role

Christina, our transaction manager, ensures that all of the tasks for a successful transaction get completed.

Some of her responsibilities are as follows:

  • Handle your earnest money
  • Manage all the required paperwork
  • Coordinate with the lender to ensure timely closing
  • Pre-fill listing paperwork for your review and signing (If you are selling your home)
  • Communicate with the title and escrow companies

Ultimately, her responsibility is to make sure you know exactly what to expect and what to do during the transaction until the closing date.

Amanda's Role

Amanda, our client care coordinator, ensures that you are satisfied and happy by addressing your questions, understanding your needs, and providing optimal service throughout and even long after you've worked with us.

Additionally, she organizes events for Odigo Club members and selects thoughtful gifts for our clients as needed.

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We prioritize your interests and satisfaction, from listing homes for sale to financial consulting.

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Peter Kim the real estate agent and his older brother when kidsPeter Kim the real estate agent's Family for dinner

founder story

from tragedy to triumph

A devastating phone call from the Hawaii State Police changed my life forever. My brother had tragically drowned while swimming in Hawaii. Around the same time, my parents faced financial turmoil when their business was sold to a bankrupt buyer. With my parents unable to work and in a state of distress, I, at 22 years old, took over my brother's real estate business.

Driven by the responsibility of supporting my family, I became consumed by work, often being the first to arrive and the last to leave the office.

The stress took a toll on my health, resulting in shingles and a life-threatening episode with bleeding ulcers. However, my hard work paid off, propelling me into the top 1% of real estate professionals nationwide.

Now, as the founder of Odigo Real Estate Club, I am dedicated to guiding my clients through what might be the largest financial transaction of their lives. I understand the importance of making informed decisions and using my experience to help you achieve your real estate goals.