Our proven home buying process

When you decide to purchase a house, it’s usually not a simple decision. Home buying requires months of pre-planning to review listings, tour properties, and negotiate with real estate agents. That’s why having an experienced team on your side when you're ready to buy your home can streamline the process of getting you from homebuyer to homeowner.

Truthful Guidance And Skilled Navigation

We tell you the truth, even when it might be unpleasant to hear and we have years of experience navigating the real estate market.

What makes our team standout from the hundreds of other agents and agencies in our region?

  • Over 10 years of experience and proven skills
  • Fair yet competitive negotiations
  • Transparency in fees and everything else
  • Expert guidance whenever you need

Gain Access to Washington's Off-Market Properties

By working with us, you will have access to off-market properties, including foreclosures, short sales, expired listings, for-sale-by-owners, and other avenues exclusive to Odigo clients.

Taking advantage of these opportunities could help you buy a home at a significantly lower price.

Our Home-Buying Process

Our time-tested home-buying process sets us apart.

1. Initial Consultation With Buyer

We at Odigo Real Estate Club want each client to buy the home they desire. That's why we begin every home buying journey with a detailed consultation to learn about your expectations. We'll use the information to determine the best communities and available properties in your price range.

2. Mortgage Lender Recommendations

Though you can certainly choose whichever mortgage lender you want, our professional lender recommendations could come in handy. Settling for the cheapest rate from the wrong lender isn’t ideal, so why not lean on our experience and browse trustworthy mortgage lenders instead? If you need help acquiring a reputable lender with competitive rates, we’re happy to guide you.

3. Inclusion in Automated Listing Alerts

Once we know the type of property you desire and have a mortgage lender, we'll add you to our automated listing alert system. It emails you information about various property listings that match your criteria. Plus, these listing alerts are incredibly detailed.

The information comes from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, so anything on Zillow, Redfin, and other popular real estate sites that match your criteria will be in the automated listing system. You'll get property listing information as soon as it's available, directly in your inbox.

4. House Touring With Experienced Showing Specialists

We have over a dozen showing specialists. After you select properties you'd like to explore, you can contact us directly by text or phone. We'll take the time to review these properties with you to determine which ones are less than ideal.

When it's time to tour acceptable houses, you can schedule a tour with any one of our showing specialists. You can be confident a member of our team will be available to show the property, even if your primary agent is unavailable.

5. Negotiations With Listing Agents on Your Behalf

Contract negotiating with listing agents is one of our specialties. Because of the highly competitive real estate market in Washington, multiple-offer situations are common. We know how to ask the right questions to get the answers we need and level out the competition.

Rest assured, we're expert negotiators who will go above and beyond for your deal. Ask us about our high success rate for winning bids in multiple-offer situations despite our offers occasionally being lower than other buyers. We’d love to share the details with you.

6. Transaction Coordination

When a seller accepts your offer, you'll officially be under contract to buy your home. We will guide you through the process, as will your transaction manager. With us, every detail of your home-buying process is easier.

7. House Inspections and Further Negotiations

Another benefit of working with us involves house inspections. These inspections uncover possible damages so that you'll know what to expect before moving in.Fortunately, our company will pay for the house inspector to evaluate the property and generate a report. Depending on the report's outcome, we can negotiate with the seller to repair specific problems or help you secure financial credit.

8. Final Walkthrough

The final walkthrough will occur a few days before closing the house. We'll ensure the home is up to par and doesn't develop any post-inspection problems.

9. Key Ceremony and Follow-Up

The final walkthrough will occur a few days before closing the house. We'll ensure the home is up to par and doesn't develop any post-inspection problems.

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