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Don’t settle for an “average” real estate agent or leave money on the table by trying to sell your home yourself. Schedule a free consultation with Odigo Real Estate Club or call (425) 409-3823 and learn its full potential.

All too often, homeowners and real estate professionals view the process of selling a home as strictly a business transaction. At Odigo Real Estate Club, we know deciding to sell your home is much more than that. It’s often an emotional experience and always a significant financial decision. You need a team that will be by your side at every step with expert insights, advice, and knowledge to make the home selling process go as smoothly as possible.

With well over a decade of experience in real estate and financial coaching, Peter J. Kim and the Odigo Real Estate Club team are here to help homeowners in Skagit, Snohomish, King, and Pierce County get top dollar for their properties. You can trust our passion for and knowledge of the local market to maximize your sale.

Our Process for Selling a House

When you decide to sell your home, chances are you want to sell it quickly and for the highest price possible. That often means putting it up “for sale by owner” or looking for an agent to list the property for the lowest commission.

Unfortunately, going it alone rarely produces the desired result. Not working with the right agent can result in:

  • Your home languishing on the market because of poor marketing
  • Lower offers from buyers
  • Hassles and complications during contracting
  • Frustration with a lack of communication from the agent
  • Delays in closing

Deciding to sell your home is stressful enough without the challenge of dealing with an inexperienced agent who does the bare minimum to collect a commission. When choosing Odigo Real Estate Club, you get a trusted partner and friend to walk you through the process. We base our approach to selling a house on years of industry experience and collaborate with you to make the property irresistible to potential buyers.

Our process is more than just staging and posting the listing on real estate websites.

Initial Consultation

During our first meeting, we thoroughly evaluate your property to determine a potential listing price, identify areas requiring repairs or updates, and discuss your goals and what you can expect when working with Odigo Real Estate.

Preparing for Sale

We want to help you get the most money from your home, so we provide expert insights on what you can do to maximize its value. We’ll discuss the budget and what you can do yourself versus what you need to hire a professional to tackle and which projects should take priority.

Comprehensive Marketing

Unlike other agents who put up a for sale sign, take some photos, add your home to multiple listing sites, and call it “marketing,” we take a more strategic approach to attracting potential buyers. We’ll do everything possible to present your home in the best possible light, including bringing in professional designers to stage rooms and photographers to take wow-worthy photos. We add the listing to local and national real estate sites and services, ensuring it’s visible to anyone looking for a home in our area.

Expert Negotiation

Odigo Real Estate Club excels in negotiations. This is where we stand apart from other agents, and our exceptional abilities often translate into thousands of dollars more in our sellers’ pockets. We know how to create a desire for your home and leverage competition so you get more than you expected for your property.

Most of our listings sell for above the asking price and with favorable terms for the seller, all because of our marketing and negotiation skills.

Streamlined Closings

Once you accept an offer, we strive to make the closing process as simple as possible. We want every client to have a great experience, so we help with everything from appraisals and inspections to moving. This detail-oriented approach means crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” on the paperwork, answering your questions about closing costs and other concerns to ensure you know what’s going on with the transaction at every turn.

The Odigo Real Estate Club Difference

Every real estate company promises to market your home and get you the best price when listing a home for sale, but Odigo Real Estate follows through. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of everything we do, and no other local team can match our contracting and negotiation abilities.

Choosing us to sell your Washington home also means you enjoy:

  • Expert guidance on pricing to encourage multiple offers
  • Free professional staging by an interior designer (contingent upon terms)
  • Professional photography
  • Streamlined paperwork with help from a professional transaction manager
  • Access to a pre-vetted list of contractors for home improvement projects
  • Assistance with storage and moving via relationships with a reputable local provider
  • Guidance and help with accommodations during the rent-back period after closing

Selling a home in today’s competitive climate requires exceptional marketing, and that’s where we shine. Getting a property ready to put on the market is a production, and we treat it that way. We focus every step on presenting your home in the best possible light and getting the highest offers from qualified buyers.

Our negotiation approach means we don’t automatically accept the highest offer. We inspect every offer thoroughly to identify contingencies or stipulations that could complicate the transaction or cause the deal to fall apart. We have our sellers’ backs at every turn, so you never feel like you’re on your own.

Sell Your Home for More

Recent changes in the economy mean that more people than ever are entering the real estate field, often as a side job to earn some extra income. Unfortunately, many of these well-meaning individuals don’t have the skills or knowledge to give their clients the service they deserve. Without solid marketing and negotiation experience, they cannot get the offers that our team of dedicated professionals regularly brings to clients.

Trying to save money by working with a less experienced or discount agent or selling your home without an agent will most likely backfire and cause you to earn less on the sale than you could. You might even lose money or face consequences like lawsuits because of overlooked problems or contracting errors.

Save yourself the hassle, and choose a team with the experience and millions of dollars of transactions under its belt.

Call Odigo Real Estate
For a Better Home-Selling Experience

Get in touch with Peter Kim and the Odigo Real Estate Club team first when you’re ready to sell your home. We’ll help you see the potential in your property, whether in Skagit, Snohomish, King, or Pierce County, and provide an honest assessment to help you get the best price. As a top-rated real estate company in the area, we’re ready to help you with every phase of the home-selling process so you can move forward as quickly as possible.

Call Odigo Real Estate Club at (425) 409-3823 or schedule a free consultation today and start your home-selling journey.

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