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We have complied this resource about the ins and outs of Edmonds with the homeowner in mind. A complete guide of everything you might need to know before making the decision to move to Edmonds. We hope you find this resource helpful in your home search.

For starters, Edmonds is a suburb located in Snohomish County.

Edmonds has seen a slight population decrease from 42,850 in 2020 to 42,701 in 2023, with a notable older demographic drawn to its walkable city and waterfront.

The ethnic makeup is predominantly White (77.1%), with smaller percentages of Black, Asian, and Hispanic residents compared to surrounding cities.

Housing in Edmonds is primarily owner-occupied, with a median home value of $761,300 and a high cost of living.

Crime rates are higher than in many U.S. cities but lower than some neighboring areas, with property crimes being the most common.

The economy is diverse, with job opportunities in healthcare, tech, education, manufacturing, retail, and local government.

Public schools in the Edmonds School District show varied performance in state standards, with a strong focus on student-to-teacher ratios.

The local dining scene features popular spots like Salt & Iron, Fire & The Feast, and Rusty Pelican Café, and residents enjoy a variety of activities, from whale watching to farmers markets.


  1. Demographics: Population & Ethnicity
  2. Real Estate: Statistics
  3. Crime & Safety: Statistics & Real Reviews
  4. Economy: Cost of living & Jobs
  5. Public Schools
  6. Edmonds Restaurants
  7. Things To Do In Edmonds

Demographics: Population & Ethnicity

Slight decrease in population

The estimated population of Edmonds on July 1st, 2023 was 42,701 people.[1] There’s been a slight decrease in the population since April 1st, 2020 where the population was 42,850.

Edmond's population estimate table
Edmond's population estimate on July 1, 2023.[1]

Compared to the surrounding cities, like Lynnwood, Shoreline, and Mountlake Terrace, we see that population has grown over time but Edmonds has had a decrease in population.

For a visual representation, see the chart below.

Edmond's population percentage change bar chart
Percent change in population for cities around Edmonds between April 1, 2020 to July 1, 2023.[1]


Compared to the surrounding cities, Edmonds has the least ethnic diversity. Not to say that there isn't any diversity.

Here is the ethnic makeup of the City of Edmonds on July 1st, 2023[1]:

  • White: 77.1% (The highest compared to surrounding cities)
  • Black or African American: 2% (The lowest compared to surrounding cities)
  • Asian: 9.3% (The lowest compared to surrounding cities)
  • Hispanic or Latino: 6.5% (The lowest compared to surrounding cities)
Edmond's ethnic make up table.
Ethnic diversity of Edmonds by percentage on July 1, 2023.[1]

Real Estate: Statistics

Edmonds Housing Statistics

These numbers are based on stats recorded in July 2022:

  • Median value of owner-occupied housing: $761,300.[1]
  • Median monthly homeowner costs: $2,826.[1]
  • Median monthly gross rent costs: $1,821.[1]
  • 70% of homes are owned and 30% of homes are rented.[1]

Crime And Safety: Statistics & Real Reviews

Edmonds Crime Rate Statistics

Crime rates in Edmonds are considered higher than 75% of cities in the US. Despite crime rates being higher in the nation, it is considered lower than some of the cities surrounding Edmonds.[2]

Crime rates in Edmonds.[2]

Crimes that make up the majority of the report are considered property crimes rather than violent crimes.

Below is a breakdown of the types of crimes:

  • Theft 68.2%
  • Burglaries: 13.9%
  • Auto thefts: 9%
  • Assaults: 5.2%
  • Robberies: 2.6%
  • Rapes: 0.6%
  • Arson: 0.4%

Pie chart of crime types in Edmonds.
Crime rate by type.[2]

For additional information on crime. Check out Snohomish County's website. They have a resource that tracks calls for service and criminal activity in Snohomish County to help you better understand crime in your neighborhood.

Reviews from Edmonds residents

Ultimately, the residents of Edmonds will have the most accurate representation of what it is like living in Edmonds.

After reading many recent reviews on, which is known for people being very transparent, the consensus is that Edmonds is safe to live in.

Here are what some people say about living in Edmonds[3][4]:

  • “My wife and I (barely) live in Edmonds, and have for over 17 years. We like it. It feels safe, the downtown is awesome (though, to be honest, we don't actually go down there too often), the dog park by the water is great. The restaurant scene has dramatically improved over the last few years, and - especially away from downtown - the age is starting to skew away from the 60+ folks.” -seattleque
  • “Edmonds has a lot going for it. Nice, central downtown with the beach. Its fun to hang out at the farmers market or browse the art galleries. A lot of good restaurants, both downtown and along the 99 corridor. Lots of good options for grocery shopping: Costco, Winco, and Shoreline Town and Country. The interurban is a great bike trail that makes an easy commute to most of North Seattle. Depending on where you're at, the MLT light rail could be an option when it opens.” - Anonymous
  • “Moved from Ballard to Edmonds in 2006, never looked back. Great businesses, safe walkable community. I love it.” - SnohomishCoMain
  • “Moved to an apartment in Edmonds in mid-2020 after being priced out of SLU. I absolutely love it - I find it to be quiet, clean, amenable to my commute, and picturesque. Those who crave a more traditional city atmosphere (e.g. walkable shopping options, plentiful bars and clubs, large public transit infrastructure etc.) may find it boring or unfulfilling. Pubtrans is actually pretty solid in Edmonds, but nowhere near as robust as Seattle. Anecdotally, it was challenging to make new friends in Edmonds that are in my age bracket (late 20s early 30s). The median age skews older than Seattle and other nearby towns, and there aren’t nearly as many as meetups/events that attract my age bracket as there are in Seattle. However, making friends can certainly be done with enough persistence!” - bassman1324

Economy: Cost of living & Jobs

Cost of living in Edmonds

Edmond’s cost of living is very high. Currently, Edmond is in the top 3% of the most expensive cities in the world. The average cost of living for a single person is $2,837 per month, but for a family of four, it is $6,249 per month.[5]

See the graph below for an estimate of how the cost would be broken down.

Cost of living chart for Edmonds
Cost of living in Edmonds.[5]

Jobs in Edmonds

There are many job opportunities available near or in Edmonds no matter what industry you are in.

Clicking on the links below will lead you to each business' job board. If any of the companies interest you, check out their website to see if they currently have any open positions that you qualify for.

Healthcare Jobs

Tech Jobs

Education Jobs

Manufacturing & Aerospace Jobs

  • Boeing (Facilities located in Seattle and Everett)

Retail Jobs

Local Government Jobs

Public Schools

Public schools located in Edmonds are under the Edmonds School District.

Here is the most recent data on students in the Edmonds School District:

  • 20,371 students enrolled during the 2022-2023 School Year.[6]
  • 53.7% of students met English Language Arts Standards, 42.1% of students met Math Standards, 43.8% of students met Science Standards in the Spring of 2023.[6]
  • 83.1% of students from 2022-2023 academic year cohort, graduated high school.[6]
  • $17,843 was spent on each student for their education during the 2021-2022 school year.[6]
  • The student to teacher ratio was 14.2 to 1 in 2021-2022 school year.[6]
  • The average class size was 19 students in 2021-2022.[6]

In addition to looking at the data, it's also valuable to hear directly from parents and students who have gone through the Edmonds School District to catch the nuances that data cannot communicate. Check out this link on to see reviews of the Edmonds School District in their words.

For more information on the actual schools and what they have to offer, check out their website by clicking on the links below.

Find which schools in the Edmonds School District align with your future home using this resource.

High Schools

Middle School

Elementary School

Edmond Restaurants

Below are some of our recommendations for you to consider when you are in the mood for eating out.

Date Night


Seafood, Steakhouse, American

Situated in the heart of Downtown Edmonds along the Fourth Avenue Arts Corridor, offers a delightful fusion of seafood, steakhouse, and American cuisines in a Casual Elegant setting. Guests can enjoy fresh local oysters, premium steaks, and outstanding Pacific Northwest dishes crafted by Executive Chef Shubert Ho. The full bar features craft cocktails, local wines, and draft beers to complement the dining experience. Open for dinner and weekend brunch, Salt & Iron also hosts special events in their private dining room.

View The Menu      Make A Reservation


Italian, Contemporary Italian, Mediterranean

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar or "The Keg" for short, serves delicious dry aged steaks that will make your mouth water. Located at the Alderwood Mall, the Keg provides a casual yet intimate atmosphere making it a great option for a date night or a family gathering. Also, don't hesitate to bring your kids too because they also have a separate kids menu available that they can order from. Also, they have a bar area completely separated from the dining area, giving a more relaxed experience for those who want to just go grab a drink.

View The Menu      Make A Reservation


Breakfast All Day

The Rusty Pelican Café, founded by Peter and Marilyn Limberopoulos in 2002, offers a warm and inviting atmosphere in the heart of Downtown Edmonds. Inspired by their favorite restaurant in Florida, the café embodies a nurturing spirit and dedication to hospitality. Renowned for all-day breakfast and lunch, with specialties like lemon ricotta pancakes made from scratch, it’s a family-run gem. Open seven days a week, it features indoor and patio dining, just a short walk from the Edmonds Ferry Dock. For more information, call (425) 582-8250 or visit

View The Menu

Things To Do In Edmonds

Edmonds, although not as lively as downtown Seattle, has many fun things you can do and events going around town at all times.

Below are some ideas of things you can do in Edmonds:



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